The Carson Private Capital team is a dedicated and experienced group of professionals who maintain a high level of discipline while conducting investment due diligence and providing transparent communications and accounting on behalf of our clients.

The firm’s management and employees take an owner’s view and are excited to work for a firm that has deep roots in the financial industry and close relationships with its clients.

Royal Carson, III, Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Royal Carson, III

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Royal Carson, IV, Managing Partner

Royal Carson, IV

Managing Partner

Greg Giannini, Partner, CFO & CCO

Greg Giannini

Partner, CFO & CCO

Stephanie Miller, Partner, Communications

Stephanie Miller

Partner, Communications

Robert Barnes, Senior Energy Advisor

Robert Barnes

Senior Energy Advisor

Monica Aughtry, Director, Analysis & Investor Relations

Monica Aughtry

Director, Analysis & Investor Relations

Katherine Smith, Director, Fund Accounting

Katherine Smith

Director, Fund Accounting